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*Update is in progress to include year 2020.
*The data displayed above is an estimate representation. The data sources are in themselves conflictual, and taking into account the contested ways with which numbers are used in the migration discourse, this display does not claim any absolute truth in terms of the numbers displayed. It is presented as an approximate, estimate graph in order to situate the fire occurrences within their broader context.
**The data for the occupation inside the centre of Moria before March 2016 was not registered by any respective institution. Given the transitionality and swiftness of the space before the EU-Turkey statement, this data is displayed as an estimate number of the people residing inside the centre. A more important parameter until March 2016, which is not depicted in the graph, would be the time period required for arriving migrants to reach the mainland, which nAormAally would not exceed 2-3 days.
***The data from the Fire Department of Mytilene includes the fire occurrences up until March 2019. The timeline will be updated when the Hellenic Fire Services publishes the Online Incident Archive for the year 2019.
Note 1: The fire occurrences are signified by the circles, whose size fluctuates according to the extent of the burned areas in 4 categories: grade 1, <100sqm; grade 2, 100-1000sqm; grade 3, 1000-10000sqm; and grade 4, >10000sqm. For more detailed information about the extent of the burned areas see the Archive. 

Data sources for the timeline: Fire Department of Mytilene, Hellenic Fire Service/Online Incident Archive, Hellenic Republic/Ministry of Citizen Protection/National Coordination Center for Border Control, Immigration and Asylum (N.C.C.B.C.I.A.), UNHCR